The Hub

By day, The Hub is a utopian fusion of fluidity and smoothness - by night, a cyberpunk melting pot of neon hum and electric energy. It is the central zone; the heartbeat of the Cryptoverse and home to the ChainGuardians head office. The Hub is designed to be the highest area of traffic and an amalgam of much of the beauty of the different Zones.

High Culture

The High Culture Zone is constructed of three floating islands which will slowly rotate and reside above The Hub; therefore expect awe-inspiring panoramic views. This Zone will showcase: exclusive art, fashion, music and theatrical events. It is a sophisticated cultural zone where users can explore sculpture gardens, open-air theatres and view exclusive art galleries.


The Game & Entertainment Zone will empower users to enjoy a plethora of adventures, including: opportunities to explore, create, discover a multitude of games and a variety of entertainment experiences. It is also the home of two cornerstones of The Cryptoverse: Little Vegas and The PvP Dome.


In the Education Zone there will be a University District as well as knowledge bases and an online space that will facilitate learning. The aim is to empower the Education zone to facilitate shared education throughout the community. The vision is to ensure that no one gets left behind - no matter where you are from. Virtual Learning is key to providing a better future for all.


The Business Zone is considered to be the gateway to the Cryptoverse’s financial and business corporations. Meeting rooms, corporate headquarters, conferences and events will be found here. From Crypto to Fiat, this zone will have everything people need to succeed, whether they are a Blue-chip trader or more of a DEGEN.


The Underworld is segmented into three levels, with the upper-most level being dedicated to underwater activities including the opportunity to swim with marine life and experience submarine tours of azure blue oceans. The second and third levels of The Underworld are composed of not-safe-for-work (NSFW) content where strip clubs and other edgy extra-curricular activities are to be expected.


Founderland is a secure and sophisticated place to network, hold meetings and relax. On the tranquil CG-shaped island, owners can connect with other movers and shakers in the industry. Founderland is similar to Palm Beach residential area in terms of exclusivity and aesthetic - it is a desirable location to hold real estate.


Kolland is an exclusive media-centric zone which is adjacent to Founderland. This island will be split into two notable areas: the first, a city zone full of sophisticated high tech where the discerning influencers can network, research, endorse and, of course, communicate with their communities. The second area surrounding the glamorous city hub is the luxurious residential area known as Kolland Drive. Here, Key Opinion Leaders and their guests will be able to relax in chic sci-fi surroundings.