The intention for The Cryptoverse is that the initial Genesis map will define the finite space available.

However, as adoption and user base increases, if the need for more space arises (which is unlikely for decades), then this can be addressed via governance. As with everything in The Cryptoverse, the long term aim is to empower the community to make important decisions. In consideration of vital factors such as: scarcity of LAND, specific, measurable and achievable development timelines, rewarding early LAND owners and ensuring the flow of users reflects the sparsity of the area, the intent for Genesis map is that it will be the only area of The Cryptoverse indefinitely unless governance demands otherwise. The intent here is to refrain from imposing any limits on the communities' collective imagination while re-assuring early LAND-sale participants.

Suffice to say, additional LAND sales beyond what is outlined in sales correspondence, is not going to occur. Any additional space available within the Metaverse, such as the PvP planet (which will be covered later in this document - the first iteration being The PvP Dome), will not be LAND which is available to owned by any user nor sold by The Cryptoverse. There is no intention to sell any LAND from the PvP Planet - only ‘bases’ or ‘safe-zones’ for guilds are to be sold as part of the design. Therefore, early LAND owners can look forward to ascertaining LAND/ESTATES safe in the knowledge that they are likely to maintain their value in marketplaces as they are not going to be diluted.

The first world within the Cryptoverse is known as Genesis and will be a combination of user owned and foundation owned LAND. There will also be a meaningful infrastructure layer which will enable users to traverse the different areas. This includes: a high speed railway, airports and taxi services which will ferry you to certain locations. Transportation comes with a cost in The Cryptoverse, unless you’re one of the users lucky enough to own some mode of transport. These infrastructure layers will be owned and implemented by The Cryptoverse’s Foundation, with fees supporting continued development and maintenance. It is also noteworthy that there will be location-based Teleportation Pods, for high traffic areas, which also enable users to quickly navigate the world.